Staff & Trustees

As a volunteer, we were encouraged to talk to and interact with the users and from the various discussions; I realise and was able to surmise that it is very easy to become homeless.

Meet the Staff

Tee Fabikun

Tee is the founder of Carpenters Cafe.

Meet the Trustees

Carmen Grimes

Ms. Carmen Grimes has been working in full time employment in the NHS on and off for 20 years. She has Served as the Secretary on the Board of Carpenters TMO Stratford, for many years before stepping down due to pressure of work. Carmen has supported Carpenters Cafe from inception and says seeing it in action is like a dream come true.

Carmen loves quizzes gardening and animals of all kinds and the occasional social gathering.

She has also recently become a grandmother and is enjoying the feeling.

Folu Fabikun

Folu Fabikun is a business support analyst by occupation with credit control experience and has served on the board of the Carpenters TMO for the past 4 years. ‎

It's with this vast array of experience that he intends to bring to Carpenters Cafe.

Bankole Akinlade

Bankole Akinlade currently serves as pastoral care director at Trinity Chapel, a thriving Church in East London. He has been in this role for almost ten years and has the privilege of serving about a thousand people that call Trinity Chapel their home church. He also pastors Open House, an outreach of Trinity Chapel, which he started almost 6 years ago to reach a totally different culture and generation of young men and women. He loves being able to serve people in this way. Bankole also spends a lot of time outside of ministering to people in indulging in his love of buildings and architecture through the property renovation and refurbishment work he undertakes through his business, Tentmakers Property Solutions.

He currently serves on the board of two other charities in East London. One being a local church and the other is a charity set up to meet the needs of homeless people in East London. Bankole got involved with Carpenter’s café from the very beginning of the project and is truly honoured to serve on the board of trustees.

Reading and travelling are some of the other ways Bankole spends his spare time. His first love remains his family, and in spending time with his wife two children.